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Academic Services

Head of Academic Services
Michael Zweier
Central Library, Innstrasse 29, room 227, phone: +49 851 509 1604
E-Mail: Michael.Zweier@uni-passau.de

Subject librarians

Subject librarians choose which new titles to acquire and ensure that the subjects are fully covered and the library holdings are arranged in order. They also provide answers to farther-reaching bibliographic enquiries, see Subject-specific information

Subject librarian: Dr. Cornelia Bögel, Central Library, room 222c, ext. 1637
E-mail: cornelia.boegel@uni-passau.de

11 AK Digital Humanities Bernhard Aigner
50 N Modern and Contemporary History of Eastern Europe and its Cultures Bernhard Aigner
67 K Slavic Studies Bernhard Aigner
70 CA-CK Philosophy Simon Kutscher
71 CL-CZ Psychology Angela Güntner
72 D Pedagogy & Education Bernhard Aigner
73 LP-LZ Musicology Angela Güntner
74 LD, LH-LO Art History, Art Education Simon Kutscher

Subject librarian: Djahangiri, Keyvan, Central Library, room 225, ext. 1644
E-mail: Keyvan.Djahangiri@uni-passau.de

50 N History Dr. Alena Tenchova-Janzik
51 MA-MM Political Science Rolf Rimsl
    Cultural Studies Rolf Rimsl
63 F Classical Philology Dr. Alena Tenchova-Janzik
75 B Catholic Theology Anita Kellermann
750   Library of the Institute of Eastern Bavaria Area Studies (IKON) Franziska Hupf

Subject librarian: Maria Hochecker, Central Library, room 222a, ext. 1606
E-mail: maria.hochecker@uni-passau.de

40 Q Business Administration & Economics Verena Wilhelm, Rolf Rimsl

Subject librarian: Michael Lemke, Central Library, room 314, ext. 1607
E-mail: michael.lemke@uni-passau.de

14   Library Lounge Angela Güntner
60 EA-ED General Literary Studies Monika Dubovski
61 EE-EZ General and Indo-European Linguistics Monika Dubovski
64 G German Studies Petra Putz
65 H English and American Studies Monika Dubovski
66 I Romance Studies Petra Putz

Subject librarian: Dr. Thomas Nachreiner, Central Library, room 235b, ext. 1608
E-mail: thomas.nachreiner@uni-passau.de

11 AA-AN, AR-AZ Miscellaneous Angela Güntner
80 S Informatics/Mathematics Sonja Wildbihler
82   Natural Sciences Bettina Himpsl

Subject librarian: Anne Schuchardt, Central Library, room 224, ext. 1605

31 P Law Luisa Strahberger, Genoveva Lorenz-Endl, Daniela Müller, Tatjane Amberger
52 MN-MZ Sociology  Rolf Rimsl
53 R Geography Franziska Hupf
55 RA,RR,RX South East Asian Studies Franziska Hupf

Subject librarian: Michael Zweier, Central Library, room 315, ext. 1604
E-mail: Michael.Zweier@uni-passau.de

11 AP Media and Communication Studies Rolf Rimsl
99 ZX-ZY Sports Rolf Rimsl

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