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Copiers, scanners, printers

All reading rooms are equipped with book scanners that can be used free of charge and that enable quick and convenient scans thanks to the supervision scan function. The originals (up to A2 size) can be saved as PDF, JPEG or TIFF files on a USB stick that you bring with you.

There are no OCR programmes for text recognition on the scanners in the reading rooms.

The Adobe Acrobat Pro programme with OCR function is installed on all ZIM pool computers. There is also at least one such ZIM pool computer in each reading room (access with ZIM ID). Here, the PDF file can be opened with Adobe Acrobat and the "Scan & OCR" tool can be used to recognise text. The recognised text can also be output as a Word file.

Multifunctional devices for copying are available in all reading rooms. Basic scanning functions are also available.
Members of the university can also send print jobs to these devices. To do so, the PC/laptop must be connected to the university network and the ‘Campus Printer’ printer driver must be installed.
All copies are subject to a charge and require a corresponding credit balance on the CampusCard. The copying credit can be topped up online or on site at the copying centre.
This service is not available to non-university members; we recommend using the scanners free of charge (see above).

Further details on the use of the multifunction devices can be found here and on their displays.

You can request microfilm and microfiche materials (location codes 29 and 30) from the Central Library check-out desk. The microfilm scanner for reading and saving content is located in room 108 in the Central Library, just behind the check-out desk.

You are required register with the check-out desk before using the microfilm scanner. You canot make hardcopy (paper) printouts on that machine – instead, bring along a USB key to save the scans.

Help with using the microfilm machine is available, see Opening Hours

Please ensure that you abide by the licensing conditions for our electronic offerings and the German copyright law.

When reproducing material, please observe the licence conditions of the electronic offers and the applicable copyright.

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