The reading rooms are usually full before and during the exams period. That’s why we highly encourage the students to use the ‘Pausenscheiben’. ‘Pausenscheiben’ is a card (as seen below) that is placed on top of your desk to let others know that you are just taking an hour-long break. The card is used to prevent students from reserving the desk for more than an hour.

A photo of the 'Pausenscheiben'

How the ‘Pausenscheiben’ works,

  • To take a small break, search for literature, photocopy, etc – kindly place the card on top of your desk with the time when you’re expected to leave.
  • The desk is now reserved for the next 60 minutes.
  • Desks without the card or with expired cards may be occupied by a new student.

Kindly return the cards after use.

International student communication officer | 17.01.2019


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