Printed journals

Journal trays in the Central Library reading room

Current-year editions are located in the journal trays in the reading rooms, arranged by shelf mark. Bound volumes and monographs can be found in the subject-specific shelves in the reading room or in the Book Tower.

All subscribed journals are listed in the local catalogue in InfoGuide. For additional titles, do a search in the periodical database Zeitschriftendatenbank (ZDB).

Electronic journals

Screenshot: Web page of an electronic journal

There are three ways to access electronic periodicals:

Electronic Journals Library (EZB)

The Electronic Journals Library is a systematic register of academic journals which publish their entire content online.

Free journals
Some of the full-text of the listed titles are free to access. The Electronic Journals Library marks these titles with a green traffic lights icon.

Paid-for titles subscribed by the University
These are marked with a yellow traffic lights icon. Licensed journals can be accessed from the University computer network. If you are outside the University network, you may be able to connect using the external access interface.

Paid-for titles without subscription
Online periodicals that are not licensed to the University Library can still be clicked in the Electronic Journals Library; while this will not take you to the fulltext display, you will be able to see the table of contents, and quite often the abstracts of each article. The Electronic Journals Library marks these titles with a red traffic lights icon.

Go to Electronic Journals Library (EZB)

E-Journals in InfoGuide

Passau catalogue in InfoGuide
If the title is licensed for the University computer network, the Passau catalogue will link to the full online text. For this link to work, your computer must be connected to the University computer network, either by wired or wireless connection, or through the external access interface.

Screenshot InfoGuide Zugangslink einer elektronischen Zeitschrift

The E-Journals website

Many e-journals have their own website, which usually shows at least the tables of contents and the article abstracts at no cost. If the title is licensed to the University computer network, you can also access the complete text online. The prerequisite for this is that you are logged on to the University computer network or via the external access interface.
Example: Journal of Systems Science and Systems Engineering.