Lockers for daytime use

Lockers operated with a coin

Non electronic lockers can be found in the Business Administration and Economics Library reading room. These are either operated with a 1-euro and 2-euro coin, which is returned to you when you open the locker. These lockers are for daytime use only and must be cleared at night. Longer-term use is not permitted.

Electronic lockers

The Nikolakloster, Business Administration & Economics, Computer Science & Mathematics buildings and also the Law Libraries' reading room are equipped with electronic lockers which are operated with the CampusCard. Like the other lockers, these are free of charge. However, to discourage permanent use of these lockers, you will incur a minimum charge of 5 euros if the locker is not emptied by the closing time of the relevant reading room.

How to use the lockers

Locker regulations

Longer-term lockers for students writing their thesis or dissertation

The Central Library and the Business Administration & Economics Library reading room have a limited number of lockers intended for use by students who are writing their dissertation or thesis.

Regulations for lockers for students writing their dissertation or thesis (German)

Dissertation/thesis confirmation form (German) – to be completed by the Chair. You must present the completed form to rent a longer-term locker.

Keys are issued at the Central Library's check-out desk or the Business Administration & Economics Library helpdesk.

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