Overdue notices & fines

Overdue notices & fines

Borrowed items should be returned by their due date, unless the loan has been renewed in InfoGuide.

Similarly, you should return any items which have been recalled by the library or have had their renewal cancelled, even if this happens before the end of the loan period. Students and university staff: the written recall/cancellation of renewal notice is sent to your Uni-Passau-E-Mail-Account, see You've got mail. E-mails for pupils and other external users

The due date is binding even if it falls within a semester break. If you need to urgently renew a book during a semester break you may do so by contacting the check-out desk of the Central Library by telephone; see also the section on renewals.

Failure to return a borrowed item on the due date will result in an overdue notice and a fine.


1st noticeEUR 7.50 fine
2nd notice an additional EUR 10.00 fine on top of the previous one
3rd notice an additional EUR 29.40 fine on top of the previous ones
Official notice to return borrowed items or official notice of fees to be paid Users who do not return borrowed items are liable for the following charges:
  • the cost of replacement of the items
  • an administrative fine
  • the administrative costs incurred, which are set at a minimum of EUR 55.
Additionally, these users will have their library privileges suspended for a minimum of six months.


Please note that the fines indicated above are cumulative: the fines imposed with the second and third overdue notices have to be paid on top of all previous fines!

Did you receive a fine and need to ask us a question?

You can reach the Overdues department by phone at +49 851 509 ext. 1656 or 1657 (daytime only). Alternatively, you could use the overdues contact form, which is available around the clock.

How to pay your fines

You cannot pay your overdue fines in cash at the check-out desk; instead, you have to pay by bank transfer to Staatsoberkasse Landshut.

Users who do not act on a return notice will have their library privileges revoked indefinitely.

Staatsoberkasse Landshut 
Bayerische Landesbank München 

IBAN: DE75 7005 0000 0001 1903 15 
Please indicate your name and your library number

See also the following legal notices: General Regulations on the Use of Bavarian Public Libraries (ABOB) dated 18/08/1993 (BayGVBl 1993, pp. 635 ff), Kostengesetz (costs act) dated 20/02/1998 (BayGVBl 1998 pp. 43 ff) as amended and Kostenverzeichnis (schedule of costs) dated 18/07/1995 (BayGVBl 1995 p. 454), as amended.