Interlibrary loans

Interlibrary loans

Interlibrary loans in the mail

Students and registered library users can request books and articles not availalbe locally from other libraries. However, there are some restrictions to this. The following are not available via ILL:

  • books and other media in the local holdings, even if they are currently on loan, temporarily irretrievable or part of the reference collection
  • works of a non-academic nature, e.g. recreational literature (fiction & non-fiction), hobby literature, travel guides, self-improvement books, etc.
  • books and other media with a retail price of EUR 15.00 or less
  • loose-leaf publications, bound volumes of newspapers and large-sized works

Requesting a book via ILL


1) If your default search in the local Passau catalogue did not return the desired results, you may wish to extend the search to the Bavarian Library Network. Please click on 'Expand selection of databases automatically'.

Screenshot: 'No results' in InfoGuide

2) Once you have found the title you are looking for, click on the 'Get document' tab to check its availability and place an order. Titles may be available in print, electronically or via interlibrary loan.

Interlibrary loan request screen in InfoGuide

3) Clicking on 'Open interlibrary loan order form' takes you to the request form. The title information is pre-entered into the form.

Searching for articles and requesting photocopies

To search for articles in InfoGuide, you should select the article database, which is not activated by default. You must be logged on to the system to select the article database in InfoGuide. Once you have found the title you are looking for in the article database, click on the 'Get document' tab to check its availability and place an order. Titles may be available locally, electronically or via interlibrary loan. If you choose to request an interlibrary loan, the order screen is pre-filled with the title information.

Open a blank interlibrary request form
If the Passau catalogue or the Union Catalogue of the Bavarian Library Network did not return the desired results, you can open a blank interlibrary loan request form by clicking on 'Information' on the top right-hand corner of InfoGuide and then on the 'Interlibrary loan' link.

Picking up items requested via interlibrary loan

Once the requested items have arrived, they are ready for collection from the check-out desk.
You can collect monographs at any time during the normal opening hours of the Central Library.
However, article photocopies must be fetched from the Central Library's check-out desk in the time Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

'Ready for collection' notification by e-mail

  • If you are an enrolled student of the University, a message is sent to your student e-mail account when the interlibrary loan arrives. This e-mail address will also be used for other enquiries and notifications concerning your interlibrary loan request.
  • Users from Passau and surroundings: if you wish to use our e-mail service, please inform a staff member at one of the helpdesks of your e-mail address.
  • The Library cannot be held liable for non-reception of e-mail messages in your e-mail account.

Picking up requested books

  • Books that have arrived are marked as 'ready for collection' in your InfoGuide user account. Interlibrary loans have an '@' symbol before the item code.
  • Please note that the loan period starts with the day on which the requested item becomes 'ready for collection' in the InfoGuide user account.
  • In your InfoGuide account, interlibrary loans are listed together with books from the Passau catalogue.
  • The interlibrary loan is issued with a pink charge slip, which holds important information, such as the due date. This charge slip must remain in the book and you have to return it together with the book! If you lose the charge slip, you will have to pay a EUR 5.00 fine.
  • After their arrival, books are kept ready for collection at the Central Library check-out desk for a period of two weeks.
  • The book must be returned early if the owning library recalls the book before the due date. If this happens, we will send you a written notice. You can see the current due date in your InfoGuide user account.
  • Renewable interlibrary loans are marked as such in your InfoGuide user account, and can renew the loan from within InfoGuide. Please remember that renewals can be cancelled by the library.
  • Non-renewable and recalled items must be returned by the due date, or you will receive an overdue fine.
  • E-mail reminders: you will receive an e-mail message three days before the due date to remind you to return your books.

Picking up requested article photocopies

  • A fee is charged for article photocopies. You must collect requested photocopies and pay the fee even if you no longer need the article.
  • The collection times for article photocopies are Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., unless stated otherwise.
    Remember that the library opening hours change during the semester breaks.
  • The ordered article copies are listed in the InfoGuide user account or here: direct access to the interlibrary loan photocopy account.

How much does it cost?

German interlibrary loans


Interlibrary loans from other German libraries are usually free of charge. However, if the original is not available for loan, the owning library will send a photocopy, which does come at a fee.

Costs of photocopies:
up to 40 pages: EUR 1.50 (standard fee)
41-60 pages: EUR 6.00
61-80 pages: EUR 8.00
81-100 pages: EUR 10.00

Fees may vary for photocopies from special collections. Your account will be charged with the standard fee of EUR 1.50 for any delivery, even if you do not collect the book. If the fee exceeds EUR 1.50, you will be asked whether you are willing to pay this higher fee before the order is finalised.

International interlibrary loans


International interlibrary loans may incur substantially higher handling and postage fees. Losing the interlibrary loan charge slip will incur an additional EUR 5.00. Interlibrary loan fees can be paid by debit card at the check-out desk of the Central Library.

Help & advice

The helpdesks at the Central Library, Nikolakloster library, Business Administration & Economics Library or the Law Library can assist you with your literature search and answer any questions you may have about library services.

Contact for interlibrary loans:

Ms Irmgard Grieger
Central Library, Innstrasse 29, Room 228
Phone: +49 851 509 1660