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Swiftly and effortlessly collect, edit and save bibliographic references, create lists of references and insert citations into your own Word documents.

Its vast range of features and simplicity of use make Citavi an ideal tool for keeping track of and documenting bibliographic references. Citavi is suitable for all kinds of academic writing – from short student essays to large-scale academic projects. Citavi is also highly useful for other tasks, such as managing your book or DVD collection.

Licence: the University offers its students, teaching staff in primary occupation and staff a free Citavi Pro licence.

Got 20 minutes? Watch the youtube-playlist Citavi: Ready, Set, Go! and learn how to use Citavi.

Launching Citavi

Citavi comes pre-installed on the computer room and Chairs' office computers.
On these computers you can launch Citavi by going to 'Start/Alle Programme/RZ-Installationen/Literaturverwaltung/Citavi 6'. When launching Citavi, user settings and all project data are saved in H:\Citavi 6.

Installing Citavi on your private computer

Step 1:
Download and install Citavi Free

Step 2:
Request your personal licence key

Important: when requesting your licence key, you should indicate your University e-mail account ( as proof that you are a member of the University. Licence keys are not sent to free e-mail addresses such as, and so on.
Licence key request form for students and staff of the University of Passau (German)

Step 3:
Enter the licence key into Citavi Free (this will automatically change your version to Citavi Windows)
Once you have received your personal licence key, enter it into the program as per the instructions. The licence key turns the Free version into the Team version, which you can use on two computers concurrently.


Online help:

The Citavi contacts of the University Library, Renate Weber and Marius Sarmann, regularly hold Citavi training seminars (in German) and will be happy to help you with any Citavi-related problems.


Marius Sarmann
Marius Sarmann

Room ZB 229
Innstraße 29

Phone: +49 851 509 1691
Fax: +49 851 509 1602 Website
Renate Weber
Renate Weber

Room ZB 013
Innstraße 29

Phone: +49 851 509 1603
Fax: +49 851 509 1602 Website
Corinna Meinel

Room ZB 231/JUR 037
Innstraße 29

Phone: +49 851 509 1605
Fax: +49 851 509 1602 Website Office hours:

Dienstag 13-15 Uhr an der Info-Theke Juridicum ; Mittwoch 13-15 Uhr (ZB 231)