Primo Search Portal

Primo Search Portal

Introducing Primo, a new search platform

Primo contains the InfoGuide holdings, the content of many licensed databases, e-journals and e-books licenced to the university computer network as well as freely accessible data repositories, such as the Union Catalogue of the Bavarian Library Network.

With Primo you can do combined searches for journals, books and other academic sources, often with direct access to the electronic full text.

Primo screenshot

Primo does interlibrary loans, too!

Articles and books that are unavailable in Passau can be ordered from other libraries. Primo help

So, do I still need InfoGuide?

Yes, you will still need to use InfoGuide for your account administration functions, e.g. to order, renew and reserve items out on a loan. InfoGuide will also remain available as a search platform.

Do I still have to search in individual databases?

Yes, this step is still necessary as Primo does not search important databases such as Beck-online, Business Source Premier and MLA International Bibliography. Therefore, if you want to do a thorough and comprehensive search on a topic we recommend that you (additionally) search our dedicated databases. For more on the topic, visit the  Database Information System page (in German).

Off-campus access

Log on on the Primo start page or the library homepage if your device is not connected to the University's computer network (by cable or Wi-Fi), for instance because you are working from home. Once you have logged in, you will gain access to all e-books and full text articles licensed to our computer network. 

More about off-campus access

Tips for effective searches

  • Searches are not case-sensitive
  • To search for a phrase, put it in quotation marks, e.g. "cloud computing"
  • The asterisk can be used as a wildcard operator to complete words. For example, 'econom*' will find words that start with 'econom', such as economics and econometrics
  • Use 'Advanced Search' to fine-tune your search, e.g. searching by year of publication, etc.