Nikolakloster reading room

Nikolakloster reading room

The Nikolakloster Library reading room

Innstrasse 40
94032 Passau
Phone: +49 851 509 1611
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Floor plans: ground floor  upstairs   basement
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Ground floor (entrance level):
General and Comparative Literary Studies (60/EA,EC), Textbook Collection (17/E,G,H,I), Reserve Collection, journals and periodicals for the current year (bound annual volumes are located in the relevant book section)

English and American Studies, (65/HD-HU), Romance Studies (66/IB-IX), large-format books (13/G,I)

General and Comparative Linguistics (61/EE-EU), German Studies (GA-GO);
Law (JUR Library reading room holdings): Criminal Law (31/PH), General Theory of the State (31/PK), Constitutional Law (31/PL), Public Law journals (31/PM), Administrative Law (31/PN), Tax Law (31/PP), Social Law (31/PQ), Data Processing and Law (31/PZ); additional literature from the Law Library reading room holdings (shelf marks starting with 33/P), loose-leaf editions

Full overview of Law Library holdings

Lists of newly acquired books, e-books and the tables of contents of selected journals can be found under new acquisitions.

InformationFor enquiries related to the library, literature search, book locations, borrowing rules, interlibrary loans or our electronic services, contact the Nikolakloster Library helpdesk.
Reading desks245 desk spaces, of which 16 are in the notebook-free zone upstairs (to the right of the staircase)

WiFi access is available throughout the reading room.

Accessing the network with a mobile device


Eight reading desks in four lockable cubicles upstairs; these are available to doctoral and postdoctoral researchers upon registration.

Postgraduate carrel regulations (German)

Carrel application

Library portal ('Bib-Portal') stationsTwo terminals with:
  • InfoGuide research portal with the Passau catalogue (search, request, renewal and reservation functions)
  • Union Catalogue of the Bavarian Library Network
  • Access to databases and e-journals

and three Internet-enabled PCs.

Copiers and printers

Printer-copiers are located on the ground floor
Scan_Box in the upstairs glass cubicle


There are 184 electronically operated daytime lockers. You need your CampusCard to use these. Like the coin-operated lockers, they are free to use. However, to discourage permanent use of these lockers, you will be charged a minimum of 5 euros if the locker is not emptied by the closing time of the relevant reading room.

How to use the lockers and locker regulations

Longer-term lockers for students writing their dissertation or thesis are available free of charge but in very limited supply. More Information.

Bag/rucksack policyYou may not take any bags or rucksacks/backpacks, etc. into the reading room. What kinds of bags are permitted in the reading rooms?
Mobile phone policyMobile phones must be set to 'silent mode' while in the library. You may not make phone calls or listen to voicemail messages. You are allowed to receive text messages, but only with the phone set to 'silent mode' (i.e. no acoustic notifications).
Food and drink

You may not consume food or beverages in the reading room. However, you are allowed to bring drinking water onto the premises in a transparent, sealable glass or plastic bottle.

Behaviour while in the libraryLibrary regulations
Break discs ('Pausenscheibe')If you wish to leave your desk and intend to return later on, you should set a break discs to indicate when you left. If you do not return within the next 60 minutes, or if you do not leave a break disc indicating when you left, other users have the right to use your desk space, see Desk reservation discs to prevent permanent desk occupancy
Library regulationsThe relationship between users and the library is governed by the General Regulations on the Use of the Bavarian Public Libraries.




Dr. Cornelia Bögel
Dr. Cornelia Bögel

Room ZB 222c
Innstraße 29

Phone: +49 851 509 1637
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Edith Erbertseder
Edith Erbertseder

Room ZB 012b
Innstraße 29

Phone: +49 851 509 1626
Fax: +49 851 509 1602 Website