Bags and baskets

Bags and baskets

What kinds of bags are permitted in the reading rooms?

Examples of bags, baskets and covers

You have a number of options when it comes to transporting your books and other materials in the reading rooms:

  • Transparent plastic bags, which you can purchase from the Copy Centre (on the ground floor of the Wiwi building, Innstrasse 27) for €1.30.
  • Your own bags, as long as they are see-through and the contents of the bag are clearly visible.
  • Sturdy transparent bags (so-called 'BibBags'), which are sold by the Pustet bookshop.
  • Reading room baskets, which are available at the reading room entrances. Please make sure you return them there as you leave the library.
  • Notebook covers (not laptop bags!) are also permitted in the reading rooms.

The following are not permitted: Any kind of bag from which the contents are not visible, such as rucksacks, school bags, laptop bags, opaque plastic bags, or bags made from paper or textiles.