Copiers, scanners, printers

Copiers, scanners, printers


Multi-function printer-copiers can be found in the collection area of the Central Library and in the rooms adjacent to all reading rooms. These printer-copiers can make colour and double-sided prints and copies.

Printer-copier balance on the Mensacard
If you have a Mensacard (the electronic swipe card for use in the refectory and cafeterias), you can use that for the networked copiers, scanners and printers of the University. The copy/scan/print balance is stored separately from the refectory balance on the card and can be topped up at any of the special terminals next to the multifunction copiers (e.g. in the Central Library collection area).

Guest cards (Mensacard which offers only printer-copier functionality)
If you do not have a Mensacard, you can obtain a guest card for a EUR 15.00 deposit, for use with the printer-copiers from: Kopierzentrale an der Uni, Business Administration and Economics building, Innstrasse 27. Opening hours: Mon – Thurs 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.; Fridays 8:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., phone: +49 851 509 1266.

There are no coin-operated copiers on campus!

Scanners in the reading rooms

Library users can use the scan stations in the Central Library, the Nikolakloster Library, the Business & Economics Library, the Computer Science & Mathematics Library and the Law Library for free. There are quick and book-friendly scanners. In the Central Library we have additionally one single sheet feeder. The scans can be saved in image format (pdf or jpg) on a USB key. You can also use the Multi-function printer-copiers to scan documents, but it is not for free. 

Book-friendly scanners "Bookeye 4" (lleft) and "Microbox Spirit"
"Bookeye 4" (lleft) and "Microbox Spirit"


There are scanner-printers in the collection area of the Central Library and in the rooms adjacent to the reading rooms.

You can send your own documents, InfoGuide lists, as well as database output, e-journals and e-books to the printer-copiers from any (notebook) computer connected to the University computer network by Wi-Fi or wired connection, or from one of two specially designated research workstations in the Central Library.

Step 1: Send a print job

from a computer connected to the University's computer network (by cable or Wi-Fi), e.g. a notebook computer or a PC in a computer room or office.

  • Install the 'Campus-Drucker' printer driver: this only needs to be done once; the PCs in the computer rooms already have this installed. Information on the campus printers (German)
  • In the print... dialog choose 'Campus-Drucker' as the printer.
  • Check the paper format and orientation in Properties/Einstellungen, 'Basis' tab, and the colour setting (monochrome, greyscale, truecolor) in the 'Quality'/'Qualität' tab.
  • Enter your six-digit Mensacard number (omitting the leading letter) and click on the green tick mark button.

Step 2: Initiate the print-out at the printer-copier

  • Go to any of the 'Campus-Drucker' printer-copiers – please note that only specially marked printers can make colour prints ('Farbdruck').
  • Insert your Mensacard, then use the arrow keys to select 'Drucken' and confirm by pressing the tick mark key.
  • You will be shown the queued print jobs, which should include the one you sent in step 1.
  • Choose the document you want to print using the arrow keys and press the tick mark key to start printing.
  • You can retrieve your Mensacard at any time by pressing the door/exit key.
  • Please note that print jobs are deleted from the system after 24 hours or when the print has been completed.

The system uses a points-based system to account for prints and copies:

  • 1 black & white A4 print or copy: 1 point
  • 1 colour A4 print or copy: 4 points
  • A3 formats = 2×A4

1 point is equivalent to 5 euro-cents.

Campus printer instructions (German)

Saving data to USB keys on a reading room workstation

A desktop computer with a USB key plugged in

Each reading room has at least one workstation with a USB interface to allow library users to download search results from databases, pdf fulltext and so on. You should make sure that you observe the licensing conditions of the electronic media and copyright laws.

When you plug in your USB key, it is automatically assigned the drive letter Z:\usb0.

To save one or more files to your USB key, make sure that you are saving it to Z:\usb0! Files saved to any other directory, e.g. \Eigene Dateien or even Z:\ (with the usb0 part omitted) are only saved temporarily and will be deleted when you log off.

Sometimes the system fails to automatically recognise a USB key. If that happens, we recommend restarting the PC (using the 'Log off' command) while leaving the USB key plugged in.

The University Library does not guarantee that your USB key will function properly on the University's computer systems and cannot accept liability for any damage that may occur.

Reading and saving microfiche/microfilm content with the reader-printers

Using the microfilm scanner in the Central Library
Microfilm scanner in the Central Library

You can request microfilm and microfiche materials (location codes 29 and 30) from the Central Library check-out desk. The microfilm scanner for reading and saving content is located in room 108 in the Central Library, just behind the check-out desk.

You are required register with the check-out desk before using the microfilm scanner. You canot make hardcopy (paper) printouts on that machine – instead, bring along a USB key to save the scans.

Help with using the microfilm machine is available, see Opening Hours