Digital library

Digital library


The Database Information System (DBIS) lists databases for which the campus network has a licence, as well as a number of freely accessible databases. Databases may contain bibliographic references, full texts or factual information.

Electronic Journals Library (EZB)

The Electronic Journals Library has records of fulltext journals from all academic disciplines licensed to the University and freely accessible electronic fulltext journals.


The 24/7 library – always up-to-date, always available and there's no need to return what you borrow: e-books on the University computer network.

Off-campus access

Access University-licensed databases, journals and e-books from any computer connected to the University computer network (wired or Wi-Fi). As a member of the University, you can also access these from outside the campus network: off-campus access interface.

OPUS Passau

OPUS Passau – the document server for the University of Passau.