Mo, 4.11. Indonesischer Filmabend, Library Lounge

Di Timur Matahari

Veranstalter: Deutsch-indonesische Studierendeninitiative
Termin: Montag, 4.11.2013, 20 Uhr
Ort: Library-Lounge der Zentralbibliothek,
Indonesien, 2012, 114 Min, engl. Original

Foto Filmplakat Di Timur MatahariDi Timur Matahari (phrasal translation: To The East Of The Morning Sun) is a 2012 Indonesian film directed by Ari "Ale" Sihasale and starring Laura Basuki and Lukman Sardi. Shot in Tioh, Lanny Jaya, Papua, over a period of one month, it follows young Papuan children as they struggle to learn despite an ongoing tribal war.

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