3-Wochen-Test der Euromonitor-Datenbank “Passport GMID”

"Passport GMID is a global market information database and analysis tool
containing comprehensive data and reports across all industries, countries and consumers.

Passport GMID is ideally suited to organisations with a wide range of market data needs such as:

  • Government departments and export agencies
  • Business schools and university libraries
  • Information centres in banks, consultancies and advertising agencies

A Passport GMID subscription includes:

  • 8 million internationally comparable market statistics on industries, countries and consumers
  • 18,000 full text market reports, company reports and country reports
  • Expert analyst comment on emerging industry trends, country trends and consumer trends
  • Details of thousands of information sources to aid further research
  • Powerful data analysis functions allowing users to customise data for specific needs"


Testen Sie "Passport GMID“ und schreiben Sie uns Ihre Meinung!
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Petra Putz | 05.06.2012

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